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Offer a moment to understand the world around us. Or suspend time to immerse yourself with curiosity and pleasure in a subject. In order to give a taste for science, and allow everyone, at all times, to give an informed and thoughtful opinion on current events and the challenges of our society. And even for some: to become the scientists of tomorrow!

Instant Science is a regional association engaged in science-society dialogue. Based in Toulouse, Fleurance, Montpellier and Tarbes, it is the result of the merger of Science Animation and À Ciel Ouvert, associations that have been working for more than 30 years in Occitanie in the field of scientific mediation and cultural engineering. Lighting the present, building the future.

Lighting the present, building the future

Astronomy, artificial intelligence, climate, archaeology, aeronautics, health, social sciences, digital manufacturing… Instant Science explores all areas.

With the help of scientific, industrial and educational partners, it designs events, exhibitions, meetings or games to encourage astonishment, pleasure and the desire to immerse oneself in the heart of research and innovation. And this, in all places, at all times.

Instant Science works to:

  • support each citizen in their understanding of the world and their desire to act for a sustainable future…
  • disseminate scientific advances, explain them and debate them…
  • fight against false scientific information and help the public to protect themselves against it…
  • highlight scientific and technical professions…
  • constantly developing new cultural projects in a process of educational innovation.

Science experts and enthusiasts

To develop and animate its projects, Instant Science relies on a team of professionals from the sectors of scientific research, culture, education, digital, events or design… as well as many scientists renowned people working alongside them. Together, they are constantly envisioning new, ever more original and participatory approaches.

Human mediation is therefore at the heart of Instant Science’s activity: its teams go out to meet the public to bring sometimes complex notions within their reach, making them lively and captivating. Always with passion and kindness.

At the service of the general public, schools and professionals

General public or schools, young people or seniors, enthusiasts or not… Instant Science offers activities that are both rewarding and attractive for all audiences.
Workshops, exhibitions, festivals, conferences and scientific holidays for enthusiasts.
Surprising and entertaining experiences and evenings for the refractory.
Classroom workshops and discovery classes for teachers.
And much more to discover on this website !

Expertise in recreational astronomy

Instant Science benefits from more than 30 years of expertise in sky and space-related activities and training. Among his references:

  • Management of activities at the Pic du Midi International Starry Sky Reserve
  • The co-organization of the Fleurance Astronomy Festival
  • The animation of the activities of the Star Farm and the Star Hamlet
    Coordination or contribution to numerous projects: Pyrénées la Nuit, la Nuit des étoiles, Retiens la nuit…

The team puts its expertise at the service of tourism, awareness projects for the preservation of the starry sky, support for places or training.

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